Who We Are: Ethio-Scottish Community is a community led organisation established in 2016 and
registered as charity in Scotland Feb 2017. Registered charity number: SC047143
Our trustees are volunteers from different backgrounds health care workers, teachers, University
lecturers and sociologists and economists who are originally from Ethiopia and has extensive life
experience in Scotland.
Our purposes are:
               a. The advancement of citizenship in Scotland by promoting and facilitating the integration of people from
                Ethiopia and other East African communities into the mainstream of Scottish society
               b. The advancement of culture in Scotland amongst people from Ethiopia and other East African
               communities by organizing social events to provide a platform for learning Scottish culture and tradition
               c. The provision of recreational activities in Scotland with the object of improving the conditions of life the
               Ethiopians and East African community in Scotland and their descendants
              d. The advancement of education in Scotland amongst people from Ethiopia and other East African
              communities through the organisation and provision of English language classes.
              e. The advancement of health in Scotland amongst people from Ethiopia and other East African
             communities through the provision of health-related education to raise awareness of healthy living and
             through the translation of public health advice/leaflets for members who do not have English as a first
             f. The promotion of religious and racial harmony in Scotland through the creation of a safe and
            welcoming environment where all religious and ethnic groups can come together socially.

Chairman-Dr Alemayehu Asfaw Gebreyes
Secretory -Dr Firdawek Gemchi
Treasurer-Mr Hagos Senkei
Event Organisor- Mrs Muna Dent
Communication Officer Mrs Meron Fransua
Member Mr Mohamed Ahmed

Member Tesfaye …….

Our Work:

Our work embraces: Support for refugees and asylum seekers from East African countries, Youth
engagement programmes such as sport and learning support for children and adult learning programmes
mainly language tuitions.
Our community integration activities include introducing Ethiopian history, culture, language, food and
music to our Scottish friends and families and children with Ethiopian descendants by organising 3-4
cultural event per annum and inviting other communities from Africa and the rest of the world.
Currently we are providing ESOL English class at beginners and intermediate one level for young
mothers from East African countries who were unable to attend college due to their children. This special
ESOL English class scheme is currently being given at Hillington Parish Church hall by five local
volunteers where mothers can bring their children with them to the class while they are learning the